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  • This blueprint helps you fight the 4 enemies of wealth, which are inflation, interest, market loss and taxes.
  • After we evaluate your goals, objectives, and assess your tolerance for risk, we will create a customized plan of action.


  1. Participate in Potential Double Digit Growth
  2. STOP Taxes From Eating up your Retirement!
  3. CREATE a retirement income YOU CANNOT OUTLIVE!
  4. Never again LOSE MONEY to a market downturn!
  5. Your Principal is Protected, and not lost when the stock market drops
  6. Tax Advantaged Growth - (you can access your money without paying taxes)
  7. Access to YOUR money without fees or penalties
  8. Supplement your retirement income - TAX FREE
  9. Finance yourself to Wealth - Reduce or Eliminate interest paid to banks and credit cards
  10. Access your money to pay for major purchases like cars and trips
  11. Growth in your plan happens WITHOUT ANY GUESSWORK or skill on your part
  12. Work toward financial security for your family
  13. Potentially build financial security for your children and or your business
  14. Pay off credit cards, car payments, student loans or other debts
  15. Address emergencies if and when they arise.