About Us

Rick Driscoll, President and CEO

Business owner, Entrepreneur

Rick holds a Marketing Degree from Daniel Webster College, in Nashua, NH.

35 Years in Business Development and Consulting.

Rick has applied repeatable, best in class business practices to consistently deliver superior performance and profitability to shareholders, investors and clients.

Scott Titus, Executive Vice President CLU, ChFC

Scott is a graduate of Cornell University. 

35 Years in Financial Services, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning. A highly accomplished professional. 

Sophisticated Tax and Financial Planning Expert.

Scott has spent the majority of his career obtaining and servicing his clients to assure 100% satisfaction. 

His specialty is creating a strategy so you won't have to pay taxes and have a guaranteed income for life. 

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial freedom by defeating the (4) enemies of wealth. They include inflation, interest, market loss and taxes.

The end result to all of our clients will be to:

1. Never again lose money to a market downturn.

2. Stop taxes from eating up your retirement monies when you withdraw your funds.

3. Create a retirement income you cannot outlive. 

What We Offer

Highly Unique Retirement Plans unlike anything you have ever seen!   - IRS SANCTIONED! 

Why Risk your Hard Earned Money in the Stock Market - Leverage our Proven Strategy Instead! 
RETIRE 5-6 years EARLY - we show you how!

You can take the interest from your 401-K / 403-B to fund your program = Minimal Investment.  
If you retire at 65, you can use your current savings, 401-K, 403-B savings and not worry about running out of money till age 70 for example.
THEN.....Our program kicks in at age 70 which gives you a guaranteed income for life
TAX FREE!!!!!!

401-K Alternative in Derry, NH